Complaints Policy

TNB Skills Training are committed to providing a high quality education and training provision to all of our clients. However, we accept that sometimes our service to learners, apprentices, employers, external stakeholders, clients or visitors falls short of these standards resulting in a complaint and if you are dissatisfied in any way with our services, we would like to hear from you to see how we can rectify matters. At the same time, if you are especially pleased with the service you have received or have any suggestions for improvement, we welcome these too. These comments are recorded and passed onto the appropriate person or department.

Anonymous feedback cannot receive a response but may still be investigated.

Abusive feedback containing offensive language whether verbally or in writing will not be treated seriously and may result in appropriate action being taken.

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Stage One Complaint – Informal Approach

1.1 Complaints of a minor nature should be raised immediately if possible with the member of TNB staff responsible with the aim of resolving the problem directly and informally. It is anticipated that the vast majority of problems and/or complaints will be resolved in this way.

1.2 The member of staff spoken to will speak directly to their line manager who taking into account all of the relevant facts, needs and interests of all concerned will use their discretion to resolve the matter with due sensitivity.

1.3 If you don’t feel comfortable discussing your complaint directly, you should call the office administration team on 01303 256305 or e-mail to raise your complaint. Your email will be acknowledged and directed to the appropriate member of the management team who will respond via email or telephone to discuss your concerns in confidence and help you with the process of resolving the matter.

1.4 The stage one process is generally considered to be an informal process for raising concerns and any staff involved will be encouraged to share the experience where the service provision could be improved as a result. 1.5 Our feeling is that the majority of complaints/issues/problems are capable of being resolved at this stage within a target of ten working days.

1.6 If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, you should use Stage Two of the procedure outlined below.

Stage Two Complaint – Formal Approach

2.1 We appreciate that there may be occasions where the Stage One process is inappropriate and that a more formal approach is necessary.

2.2 Where it has not been possible to resolve matters to your satisfaction under Stage One, you should notify us formally by emailing us at or writing to us at TNB Skills Training, 10 Guildhall Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1DZ.

2.3 Your complaint will be formally logged and the details passed to the appropriate member of the Senior Management Team within 2 working days of receipt.

2.4 Your complaint must be specific and comprehensively documented. You should present full details, including:

  • Your name, address and contact information

  • Any relevant documentation, dates, locations and witnesses as appropriate

  • Any previous unsuccessful attempts at resolution

  • What reasonable steps should be taken to resolve the complaint

2.5 You should expect to receive a formal acknowledgement from the relevant Senior Manager of your written complaint within five working days.

2.6 Communication with you will be via your preferred route, i.e. post, email or telephone. If a preferred route isn’t indicated, the response will be via the medium that the complaint was initially sent.

2.7 Your complaint will be fully investigated and you will receive a written response within ten working days of acknowledgement, setting out the result of the investigation, the reasons for the decision and any action that will be taken. If the investigation is likely to exceed ten working days, we will contact you and tell you when we expect a response to be available.

Stage Three – Appeal

3.1 If the complaint under Stage Two is closed but you feel that it remains unresolved, you can appeal in writing to a Company Director within one calendar month of the closure of the Stage Two complaint. Please include:

  • The original details of your complaint

  • The outcome of your complaint and why you are still not satisfied with the outcome

  • Full details of your ongoing concerns

3.2 Your appeal will be acknowledged in writing within five working days prior to a full investigation taking place.

3.3 Under normal circumstances you will receive a full written response within ten working days, setting out the result of the investigation and any action that will be taken. If the investigation is likely to exceed ten days, we will contact you and tell you when we expect a response will be available.

Stage Four – Unresolved Complaints

4.1 If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal following Stage Three of the complaints process and you feel the matter is still unresolved, you can appeal (if applicable) to the Awarding Body or Lead Provider. Contact details for the relevant organisation can be obtained below or from the office administration team and is also available in employer and learner packs.


1-2 Ramillies Street

London, W1F 7LN

Tel: 020 7208 1300


 IPS International 

Northbank House

Sir Thomas Longley Road

Medway City Estate

Rochester, ME2 4DU

Tel: 01634 298800


Q6 Quorum Business Park

Benton Lane

Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 8BT

Medway City Estate

Rochester, ME2 4DU

Tel: 0191 239 801


Aspire House

Annealing Close,

Eastleigh Hampshire,

SO50 9PX

Tel: 02380 6842 500

Stage Five – Unresolved Complaints

5.1 If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal following Stage Four of the complaints process and you feel the matter is still unresolved, you can appeal any decisions made by any of the above organisations. 5.2 You can direct your complaint to the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Complaints about providers should be addressed to The Customer Service Team, Education and Skills Funding Agency, Cheylesmore House, Quinton Road, Coventry, CV1 2WT or by email to:

For more information on the ESFA complaints procedure please go to the following Link: 

How we value feedback 

We take the view that complaints provide valuable feedback so that we can improve our service. Complaints are welcome and you should not feel concerned that there will be negative consequences to you personally if you make a complaint.

Whilst the use of Social networking sites is supported, it is not recommended that feedback is given this way. A number of more secure alternatives are available and whilst it is recognised that some comments on such sites may be written in a pique of anger, complaints and comments received in this manner will not be taken seriously.

A confidential record will be maintained relating to all correspondence with the training centre relating to praise, suggestion or complaint. This record will be monitored by the Senior Management Team to acknowledge praise, to ensure suggestions are carefully considered and responded to, to ensure that complaints are properly addressed and that the time frames specified are kept to and to identify where improvements can be made to the services and operations of the training centre.

Data Retention 

Complaints, praise and suggestions will be retained for a total period of seven years, or until 31at December 2030 if applicable to comply with ESF provisions, and will include all correspondence relating to the praise, suggestion or complaint and all items relating to the decision made at each stage of the process.