What is VTCT in Beauty Therapy?

VTCT in beauty therapy

If you’ve been looking at learning a new skill in beauty, you may have been seeing ‘you’ll gain a VTCT in Beauty Therapy’ everywhere with not many people actually explaining what a VTCT is! We’ve looked all over the internet for you to put together this comprehensive guide as to what VTCT is and whether or not it’s a recognised qualification.

What is VTCT?

 Long story short, VTCT is actually an organisation, the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT). offer NVQ’s (National Vocational Qualification) and their own vocational and technical qualifications in a variety of categories such as; – Hairdressing & Barbering – Beauty, Nails, & Spa Therapy – Clinical Aesthetics – Hospitality – Business & Retail Plus many others including Education and Training (for a full list of their courses, see their website).

You can do an NVQ which is awarded by VTCT or you can do another qualification such as a certificate or diploma that has been awarded by VTCT. The general consensus though is that anything given to you from VTCT is an employable qualification. So you’ll either leave with an NVQ and/or a VTCT qualification awarded by VTCT depending on the course you take. You also don’t need to go directly to VTCT in order to gain one of their qualifications as they have recognised providers spread all across the UK. Just make sure that the provider you’re attending is a recognised centre by checking on the VTCT website under ‘existing centre’s’. 

Each course will have different entry requirements so make sure to check when you’re applying. Some may require you to do a foundation course, or if you’re looking at the higher level courses such as Level 3 or 4, you may be required to do the level 2 course beforehand to make sure that you have the base knowledge required. 

Who can do them?

The lower courses are great for long term professionals to gain refresher courses and keep up to date with new techniques. However, there are no grants or bursaries for people looking to earn a VTCT so you’ll need to either self fund or find an employer who will fund it for you. 

Why not start a career in the beauty industry? VTCT can teach you everything from gel nails to skin care. Training with an official qualification or NVQ is key for your future success, it will give you peace of mind when starting out by knowing that all safety and sterilization standards have been met before meeting customers. Plus earn yourself some qualifications which potential clients are sure to see as they’ll be able to tell straight away that you know what’s happening!

TNb Skills training offer a fantastic variety of VTCT Courses, including in Beauty Therapy and in anything from Eyelash Extensions to Massage so you are sure to find a course that suits your skill level.


If you want to find out more about any of the courses we offer click  here for more information.

Check out this blog exploring what and who the VTCT actually are and what courses you can do with them!

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