Skip school college or Uni, start your dream career: Dive into our Hair & Beauty Traineeship to kickstart your salon journey and discover your passion!”

Our Traineeship Programmes are designed to help you get your foot in the salon door and start learning how to become a future success story in the industy.

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What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is a work based skills development programme
that can last anything from 6 weeks to 1 year, which includes a
work placement.

This work placement can cover between 70-240 hours of the programme depending on the qualification.

You must be 16-18 years old to complete a traineeship. A
traineeship is also a good opportunity to gain English, Maths, and Digital Skills qualifications (if required).

How can we help?

At TNB Skills Training we offer traineeship programmes in Hair, Beauty and All Sector Customer Services. Our programme is 16 weeks, and consists of between 70-198 hours of work placement depending on your age and the qualification being completed.

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To find out more about our traineeship programmes and we can help you to find an apprenticeship.
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“I have just finished a course at TNB with Rayna and I will be going to do my Hairdressing Level 2! Rayna has been so lovely and helpful, she supported me through all my work so thoroughly. The rest of the team here is also extremely supportive.”
Sophie Knobbs Hair Trainee
“I have just finished my Level 2 Hairdressing course at TNB and I’m sad its over. Staff have been very welcoming and easy to talk to. My tutor Rayna has been excellent, she answers any questions you have and is so easy to get along with. She is very supportive and has helped guide me in the right direction with my career. You can tell that all staff actually care and want what’s best for you.”

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