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Top ten things employers look for in an apprentice.

As an apprentice, it’s important to know what qualities employers are looking for so that you can put your best foot forward. In this blog post, we will outline the top ten qualities that employers look for in an apprentice.

Keep these qualities in mind as you search for a job and start your apprenticeship!

1. Honesty

When you start a new job or an apprenticeship role you are not going to be an expert from your very first day, mistakes will happen and if they do, don’t be afraid to say something. There’s always an opportunity to learn from it and if anything it helps employers recognise where extra training may be needed, which will only help you further down the line.

2. Problem-solving skills

When you see a problem, think on your feet and look for solutions. When one solution doesn’t work try another!

A little brainstorming never hurt anyone so don’t be shy about sharing what you have in mind with others -Develop good relationships with the people around you they just might come up with an idea or two too.

3. Communication & Interpersonal skills.

Communicating clearly, effectively and confidently to the people around you is an essential skill for any successful individual.

You will no doubt build on your communication skills as you see out your apprenticeship but employers would like you to have a good foundation to build upon.

In order to succeed in any working environment, you need to be able to communicate with confidence, a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

4. Flexibility

Knowing when and how to react to challenges you may face in your workplace will demonstrate your flexibility, in any job role you may be asked to change the way you do things for a short time or at short notice.

The willingness to adapt in such instances is a sought after skill that employers love.

5. Work well with others

Team work makes the dream work!

As an apprentice, you will work 30 hours per week. This means you are going to be spending a lot of time with a new team.

The most successful apprentices say that ability to work in harmony with those around them was a massive factor in fulling their apprenticeship scheme.

If your organisation has decided to employ more than one apprentice, it’s likely you will have group assessment sessions too, put your communication skills into practice and don’t be afraid to interact with your fellow apprentices.

6. Work ethic

Consistency in your work shows an employer you have integrity and are the right person for the job. Whatever industry you are in, employers should feel comfortable letting you get on with things, essentially they will need to have trust that you will carry on with tasks when they are not around.

A great work ethic and enthusiasm for your apprenticeship gain the respect of not only your employer but your colleagues as well.

7. Determination and persistence

An apprenticeship is going to give you a whole list of new skills, things like

Practical knowledge
Technical skills
Realife work experience
Interpersonal skills
industry knowledge
On the job training

And you can of course progress into full-time employment when your apprenticeship has come to an end. Companies need to see that you have the ability to stick to your goals whilst e striving towards success within their organisation.

8. Motivation

You’ll need to motivate yourself to complete work for your diploma as well as the work assigned by your employer. With the right attitude and determination, you’ll be able to succeed in an apprenticeship. You can even go on to gain a degree equivalent qualification with the right motivation your apprenticeship could take you far!

9. Basic skills

Employers know you will start with very basic skills and will defiantly be providing some on the job training to get you started.

Seek to improve on any skills offered and show a willingness to learn new skills and develop in your chosen industry.

10. Passion

Are you passionate about starting a career in a particular industry? This is one of the most important qualities that employers look for in apprentices. Having a passion for what you do and the enthusiasm to continue your learning throughout is a recipe for success in any industry.

The most successful apprentice is someone that has taken all the knowledge they have gained and put it to practical use. 

Whether you are leaving school and thinking about an apprenticeship or looking for a career change (apprenticeships are not just for young people you know!). With the right support from an employer and the dedication to achieve, an apprenticeship offers you a fantastic career opportunity.

Still not sure if an apprenticeship is for you?

You can read more about apprenticeships and the career options available to you in our blog.

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