Myths About Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are more popular than ever, with employers and young people alike looking for opportunities in a rapidly changing world. However, there is still some misinformation about this particular career path. 

Here are the myths we come across regularly and the facts you need ;

Myth 1: You get better job offers if you go to university

It’s not uncommon for students to think university is the answer when it comes to getting a great job offer. But does having a degree make you more employable? The sad truth in today’s world is no. Studies even suggest that only 50% of graduates go on to enjoy a career in their field of study, that’s pretty low when you consider you might spend thousands of pounds on your learning and not get an opportunity to use it. 

Myth 2: Apprenticeship pay is so low

The pay rate for apprenticeships currently sits at a minimum of £4.30 per hour for any age. This works out at around £700 each month however, employers can choose the rate of pay and are able to review this themselves at any time. It’s also worth noting that after the first 12 months of employment as an apprentice you would be switched to the UK minimum wage for your age group. So whilst it can be low wage for a short time you are also benefiting from fully-funded learning whilst getting paid. 

Myth 3: Apprenticeships are just for plumbers and builders!

Not anymore! whilst traditionally apprenticeships were mostly for labour-intensive workers, apprenticeships have expanded their reach hugely. There are now 600 apprenticeship standards available across the UK. These can range from childcare to digital marketing and of course the beauty industry. 

Myth 4: Apprenticeships are just for young people.

This is a huge no! whilst there is a minimum age requirement of 16 to apply for an apprenticeship, there is no upper age limit. Basically, anyone over 16 can become an apprentice and whatever age you are it will give you valuable skills, no matter your background or where you are in life’s journey.

Myth 5: Apprenticeships are not proper qualifications

Oh yes, they are! You can even study at degree level through an apprenticeship, oh and did we mention you get paid whilst you do so. 

Current learning levels are :

Intermediate – Level 2 (GCSE equivalent)

Advanced – Level 3 (A-Level equivalent)

Higher – Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Foundation degree and above)

Degree – Level 6 and 7 (BA and Masters equivalent)

What this really means is that you can start at the level equivalent to any previous learning that you have and work your way up to a degree if you want to or might be required to in your chosen industry. 

Myth 6: I have to stay with the employer when my apprenticeship ends. 

You absolutely do not have to stay with the employer if you choose not to. Many apprenticeships do lead to full-time employment but apprenticeships are protected by the same employment laws as any other job. You will be contracted to certain hours and be required to give notice in the normal ways but you are by no means tied to an employer outside of these.

All in all, apprenticeships are a successful way to gain skills, knowledge and experience and provide you with an income. If you are thinking about taking an apprenticeship and have any questions or concerns, get in touch with the team, we will be happy to help and maybe myth bust some more!

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