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How to Deal With a Really Busy Salon

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Having a busy salon can be a great feeling! Your business is booming, your staff have bookings and (hopefully) the money is rolling in. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and there are things we can do to make running a salon a bit easier on ourselves. So here’s 5 things you can do to cope when you have a really busy salon.

Keep Up Communication

Communication is a two-way street and when things get tough, your staff need to know they can communicate with you. Simple things like taking a few moments at the start or the end of each day for team members to air their ideas or concerns can be really helpful. Not only can this help to spot potential problems before they escalate, it can help to find solutions that you may really need during your busy periods.

Make sure your staff know they’re doing a good job and show that you value them. Maybe you can give them a tip for outstanding work or give them an extra day off if it’s been exceptionally busy. This might sound counter intuitive, especially if the stylist is popular, but in the long run it may prevent burn out and will foster good will between you and your salon staff.

Keep On Top Of Stock Levels

There’s nothing worse than getting midway through a busy day to find out you’ve run out of product and your next order is several days, or weeks away.

During busy periods make stock taking a regular part of your weekly preparations. This way you can see how much you’re getting through and plan ahead to order more for when you’re going to need it. Also consider that some services will use more products than others, and its worth factoring in big colour jobs etc. that might use up certain products.

Seek Help If You Need It

We can’t all be Wonder Woman. If you’re feeling overstretched/burned out when your salon is busy, then you may need to seek additional help. This will allow you to stay focused on the key business activities that need doing. If you need help, get it. Think about hiring an extra worker, trainee or apprentice, or maybe it would help you to appoint one of your team to a more senior role so that they can take some of the load off of you.

Staff recognise when their superiors are overstretched, and their stress can often have a knock-on affect on them. Lead by example and work smarter, not harder.

Take Breaks

Remember those days when you could actually take a lunch break? Sure we might be getting lots done, but are we burning ourselves out? If the answer is yes then its time to step off the pedal a little. Burned out staff are not good for any salon, it can lead to bad morale, bad relationships, and bad impressions on customers, service can also start to slip too. Everyone should take then time for a breather, and feel that it is acceptable to do so too. Adopt a healthy mindset towards breaks and encourage your staff to support one another, that includes yourself too.

Don’t Neglect Your Customers

It’s easy to get wrapped up in “getting stuff done”, ticking one client after another off the list. But this isn’t good business. Business is about making profit yes, but salons are first and foremost service based businesses, and they are in-service to their customers.

In the unpredictable times we are in, salons need the certainty of their loyal customers, so you need to be making sure that they always feel prioritised and always feel number one when coming into your salon; from the moment they arrive to the consultation and the time they leave. Don’t let any customer feel ignored or under-valued.

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