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Does your beauty business really need a website?

If you’re in the process of starting your own business, whether it’s in beauty or not, you may be wondering if you need a website. Websites can seem like a big monster needing to be tackled so a lot of business owners seriously question whether or not they actually need one. The short answer is yes, you do need a website for your business. Having a website will help you advertise your business to new clients, manage your exa woman is sat at a table using a computer, designing a beauty websiteisting clients and help you stay more organised. Building a website can seem very overwhelming, especially if you’re a new business owner but we’re going to go over why you need one and also give you a few tips on how to make sure your website is actually going to work for you!

Why a website?

Most people will search for services such as nails, eyelashes, makeup etc via the internet. A simple Google search of ‘nail techs near me’ will bring up millions of results. If you don’t have a website you could be missing out on all of that potential traffic and it could go to your competitors. 

Benefits of a website:

  • Adds legitimacy to your business (clients can leave reviews and it shows new clients that you’re open)
  • Easily sell your products
  • Online appointment booking
  • Have an FAQ section so you’re not constantly repeating yourself to new clients
  • Build an easily accessible portfolio of your work in a variety of formats
  • You can use it to advertise. If you’re an affiliate for certain brands/products you can have them listed on your page as well as providing a definitive list of your services. 

A well designed website will also help distinguish you from the other beauticians in the area. It can be fairly easy to get yourself on the first page of Google which is where the majority of traffic will come from. Here’s some tips to get yourself up there:

  • Write blogs!

    Google will rank you based on the content on your site. Writing blogs about your field whether it’s nails, makeup or beauty treatments, will prove to Google that you know what you’re talking about and bump you up. It also ranks you on how many people stay on your page. If you write value driven blogs (content that people really want to read), this will keep them on the page and boost you up the rankings. You should aim to have around 4 blogs a month go up to keep Google happy.

  • Make it look pretty

    A poorly designed website can really turn customer’s off and make them find somewhere else to go. Make sure your site looks modern and is easy to navigate through. You could even hire a web designer, if you have the budget, to make sure your site looks fabulous. But pretty doesn’t have to be complicated! You can very easily make your own, beautiful website using templates from Squarespace, Wix or WordPress. Just keep the main colour white or cream and use your brand colours as the accents.

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