Can I wear Mascara on my lash extensions?

a green eye with eyelash extensions

You’ve paid for a gorgeous new set of lash extensions but sometimes you want that extra oomph to push them that bit further. But can you put mascara on your lash extensions and should you?
The short answer; yes but be careful. You could risk catching an extension on the mascara
wand and pulling it out or scrubbing your extensions off when you clean your lashes. In
essence, you could ruin your extensions and make them fall out. Not ideal.

You also need to be careful about what type of mascara you’re wearing as water proof or oil
based mascaras can actually dissolve the bonding agent in your extensions which will make
them fall out! Some good mascaras we suggest are:

– Benefit Bad Girl Bang
– Maybelline’s Great Lash Washable Mascara (sorry Sky High, you can’t sit with us)
– Lacôme’s Définicils Mascara

With regards to other eye makeup, you should be fine with eyeshadow but try and make sure it
doesn’t stain your eye so you’re not scrubbing at your eyes and risking damage to the
extensions! The common theme here is gentle and not water proof so unfortunately your
favourite ‘budge proof’ eyeliners and the creamy pencil liners will have to go!
Anything sticky or creamy can stick to your extensions making them difficult to clean, dissolve or
interfere with the bonding glue and make them difficult to remove for your technician!

The ultimate, cardinal rule though, is to never, ever, ever, ever use an eyelash curler! You’re
basically asking to rip your extensions out!

In the long run it’s probably safer for you to just ask for more dramatic lashes next time and not
use any products on this set. To keep your lashes looking as amazing as when they were first
installed and to keep them in for a long time, try to avoid using mascara and eyeliner and clean
your lashes regularly as your technician told you to! You can get some nasty eye infections from
unclean lashes so make sure you’re keeping them clean; your tech will know!

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