Apprenticeships – Your questions answered…

Taking on an apprentice is an ideal way to increase your workforce and help someone start a career in your industry. We know you will have questions so we have done our best to answer some of what we are asked the most.

How long does an apprenticeship take?

This varies depending on the job sector and qualification level, as well as any experience the individual already has. As a minimum and apprenticeship will last at least 18 months but generally apprenticeships last between 18 months to 5 years.

Are there any incentives for taking on an apprentice?

Yes, Apprenticeship funding is controlled by the government and changes periodically. At the moment, employers taking on an apprentice can claim up to £3,000, this depends on the industry and whether or not you need to pay a levy. For more information about this, get in touch with us.

What costs are involved?

In addition to paying the national minimum wage for your apprentice, there are also costs for support and supervision. Training costs can be matched by the National Apprenticeship Service in part or in full, and generally, they are not significant.

As of Dec 2021, wage rates may change so for up to date information visit the government website 

Is there a limit to how many apprentices an employer can hire?

No not at all! You can take on as many as you need. We can offer advice on managing apprenticeships and maximising their revenue within your industry. 

Does an apprentice always have to attend college as part of their employment? 

Not always! Most companies will need to allow learning hours at college but this can sometimes be completed in house. In order to offer in house training, you will need an assessor level employee and will still need to allocate the time for learning within your own premises. 

Am I required to give the apprentice holiday?

Yes, apprentices are entitled to the same rights as any other employed person, this means a minimum of 20 days paid holiday and bank holidays per year.

Does an apprentice have to be under 18 years old? 

One of the most common myths we hear is that apprenticeships are only for 16-year old school leavers. The reality is an apprentice can be any age from 16 upwards. In fact, many people over 30 chose apprenticeships as a way to change careers. 

Tnb skills training have aided over 400 employers in recruiting and sourcing talented new employees. We would love to help your business too, please get in touch with us for information on how to get started. 

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