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Apprenticeships instead of A levels & university.

Are you a student that is thinking about what to do after your GCSE’s?

Or a parent that would like some help guiding your child on their options?

If so then this article is for you. We explore the opportunities that apprenticeships can provide and why it could be a better option than university or A-levels.

There are so many careers to choose from

Nowadays the list of careers available on an apprenticeship is long. This often means you are likely to find something that you already have a passion or interest for. Previously you may have only envisioned a plumbers or builders apprenticeship but school-leavers can now find an apprenticeship in all sorts, including – engineering, construction, business, IT, hairdressing, beauty and care. Just to name a few.

More than just learning a skill

When you enrol on an apprenticeship you are learning real skills on the job. In a real working environment getting the practical experience required for your chosen industry. This comes with added benefits that we would describe as life skills. These include effective communication, teamwork and how to deal with real people. What’s more, an apprenticeship can boost confidence too.

Start earning straight away.

An apprenticeship is an actual job that you get paid for! This means you can effectively start on your career path aged 16 and be receiving a pay packet straight away.

It’s debt Free!

Apprenticeships are fully funded by the government. Training providers are paid to teach you v.s a university course which could run up thousands of pounds of debt. There are incentives for employers too which only increases the opportunities available across varied industries.

Apprenticeships = real qualifications

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only way to obtain a degree is attending a university. You can earn a degree with an apprenticeship too! Apprenticeships qualifications are offered over 4 different levels. These are Intermediate (level 2), Advanced (level 3), Higher (level 4/5) and Degree (level 6/7). All this without University fees!

These are just a few reasons why you might consider an apprenticeship, but it’s important to do your research and make an informed choice. However, If you want to start working straight away, an apprenticeship is going to be your best friend.

For more information about how TNB skills training can help with an apprenticeship or if you are an employer looking for an apprentice, Please get in touch.

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